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     The Damascus Road Experience of Casey Lawrence Downing

     Casey Lawrence Downing is a prophet of the Lord called to the Church and the nations of this world to proclaim and confirm the prophetic day of our Lord!  At this present time, he is operating in the call of a school teacher as his "tent making ministry", and the election of a prophet of Christ.  He is currently the associate minister of Christian Training Ministries, Inc., a prophetic ministry with an apostolic heart that longs to be a part of the end day harvest.  To learn more about Christian Training Ministries, Inc., please click here.

     During the course of Casey's teenage years into the early 20 something years, Casey began to pursue his own musical dreams without regards to what God wanted.  In this, he became involved in alcohol abuse, eventually on a daily basis.  He had also developed the eating disorder known as bulimia which lasted many years (something kept secret, even from his closest friends).  His parents sent him to see a Christian Psychologist, but this was unsuccessful because the root of the problem needed more than, "someone having me keep a daily food intake diary."  The truth is Casey needed what all of us need -- the Great Physician known as Jesus Christ!  Casey continued in his pursuit of worldly fame while putting the significant others of his life in second place.  He eventually moved to Houston, Texas in pursuit of his musical career that became the pivital point and the milestone of his commitment to Christ! 

      One night while he was working on a song called "The Search", he felt that God was calling him to the crossroads of his faith.  He knew that God had a unique calling on his life, but had run for so many years away from the very ONE WHO had the power to set him and others free.  He said to God, "If you will finish this song immediately, I will serve you, but if not, let me go, so I can pursue my dream!"  Within minutes, God began to overwhelm the room in which Casey was staying with the presence of Holy Angels.  Casey says that, "it was if Angels were writing the rest of the song."  The song entitled, "The Search", has yet to be played in public. 

      Casey Lawrence Downing holds a B.A. in psychology from Warner Southern College.  In addition to preaching and ministering the Word, he is a musician who has authored many songs, including his recently produced cd entitled "I Am" available through Christian Training Ministries and this website. He is also the founder of Fire With Fire Ministries, a ministry whose desire is to restore God's sound and God's voice.  Please use the Contact Me page of this website to book Casey Lawrence Downing at your place of worship.

      Besides ministry and music, Casey plans to pursue a doctorate degree in clinical psychology eventually becoming licensed as a Clinical Psychologist.

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