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Prophetic Insight

Redeeming The Land as written by Casey


     I believe we are in the beginnings of an awesome move of the Spirit of God to get us ready for an even greater awesome move of the Spirit.  Of course, most of you would know that already because God is always wanting to move His people to higher levels, glory to glory.  So, what's the big deal, you ask?  What should we be looking for -- another revival like the revivals seen in the early 20th century?  The answer to that question is no.  Though sometimes it seems that history repeats itself, this is not God's plan, but man's failure -- man's failure to get on the timeline of God.  It is man's failure to accept the responsibility of his / her calling -- a calling that God has for us to ultimately get us to our destiny.  This is why the New Testament speaks of making sure of your calling and election so that you will not stumble.  This is simply a furthering of the Old Testament scripture found in Proverbs.  All of you know the scripture "Without a vision, the people perish."  This scripture along with the one found in the New Testament about calling and election tell us something very important.  We need to know our calling (present job / occupation / position in the Kingdom, etc...) -- what we should be concentrating on right now.  We need to know our election (future job / occupation / position in the Kingdom to come, etc...) -- what we should have our eye on.  In other words, you should have your concentration on your call, while keeping your eye on your election.  In fact, the only way you are going to make it to your election (destiny) is to keep your concentration on your call.  You do this by doing the very best you can do in the place of life that God has you in right now.  What does all of this have to do with Redeeming The Land?  The answer to that question is everything.


     I have said this before, and I will say it again.  You may disagree, and that is okay.  I believe that abortion exists because the majority of those who say they are part of God's Church, and say they are Christian have and continue to practice spiritual abortion.  We often pick and choose what God is calling us to do.  This is spiritual abortion.  All of us have been guilty of this at one time or another in our personal walk with the Lord.  Yet, Jesus is the One Who told us to pick up our cross and follow Him.  He said that if we love Him, we will obey Him.  He said that those who put their hand to the plow, but then look back are not worthy for the Kingdom.  He said that it is those who do the will of the Father who have access to the keys of the Kingdom.  Isn't it wonderful that God allows us the opportunity to start over everyday?  His mercies are new every morning.  Choose today to get on God's timeline.  The enemy is so afraid of you doing this that it fights against you because you are a threat to him.


     When God sent Jesus, His Living Word, to this earth, He had an awesome plan.  His plan was, is, and is to come summed up in one Word -- REDEMPTION!  When a judge redeems money, a piece of property, etc... back to a person who was cheated out of it unrightfully or illegally, he must pass a judgment.  The judgment of that judge brings about redemption for that person.  How can we relate this to God's plan?  God had to judge His only Son, Jesus, so that He could redeem us, so that we could redeem the land, the earth, and the fullness therein, thus bringing judgment to Satan and the kingdoms of darkness.  We are instruments of God's judgment on this earth.  The word judgment in the Bible can either mean a verdict for or against.  Don't you think it is time that we get on God's timeline for our individual lives, so that we can redeem back to us and others that which was unrightfully taken from us?  I do.


     Some judgments only belong to the Father.  I believe we live in the beginnings of particular, strategic judgments from God.  He knows the beginning from the end.  These judgments are vital and necessary to align the Church with Him and His Will.  Only when we align with His Will can we really pray "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done.." with power.  Bride of Christ, today is the day of salvation of your spirit, mind, and body.  Our spirit is saved through the opening of our spiritual eyes of Who Christ is, which is the greatest miracle ever.  Our body is being saved by us presenting it daily as a sacrifice.  Our mind is being saved by the renewing of it through God's Word.  Let us all get on God's timeline today, and begin to Redeem The Land.  Praise the Lord!


P.S.  With all of my heart, I love you Body of Christ!


In His Love and Sincerity,