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Welcome Nature
     Welcome to the website of Linda McClelland Downing ~ writer.                
     To the right is the cover page of The Gate of Prayer, co-authored with Martha Lucia and published by Christian International Ministries, Inc. The Gate of Prayer, a 165-page study, using the progression of the Early Church in the Book of Acts, is not another "how to" prayer guide. It is an invitation to ongoing participation in a deep and transforming lifestyle.
     You may purchase The Gate of Prayer by sending a check or money order for $5 (includes S&H) to: Linda M. Downing, 3124 Manatee Drive, Sebring, FL 33870.
     Linda writes a weekly column for Highlands Today, a subsidiary of The Tampa Tribune. "Side by Side: Seeking Simple Truth" battles prejudice, presuppositions, and ignorance. Be sure to check out the most recent, in-your-face foray into the truth pursuit. 
     Linda is also a past columnist for the Amy Internet Syndicate. Find some of her columns by clicking the Amy Foundation page of this website, going to the Amy Syndicate, and looking into their archives.


"The Truth is heavy; therefore few care to carry it."  Anonymous